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Biography: Triggerfinger is a Belgian rock band from Lier Belgium formed in 1998. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Ruben Block bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens as drummer.The band gained popularity while performing prior to the band's debut album. They released their self-titled debut album Triggerfinger in 2004 after previously having released the singles Inner Peace and Camaro from the album. The album was well received by rock fans with the band's sound being compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age by the younger audience and Led Zeppelin by the older rock fans.The album was followed by a live album called Faders Up which featured several of their previous album's songs as well as a few covers of other bands. The following year they released their next studio album called What Grabs Ya? which despite efforts failed to make the band break through. In 2009 What Grabs Ya? was re-issued with several new songs added to the tracklist.The third studio album All This Dancin' Around was released in November 2010. The recordings of this album took place in the Sound City Studios in North Hollywood California. The release of this album managed to increase the band's popularity with moderate success.They are listed as support act in many European dates of the 2011 tour of the band Within Temptation.In April 2012 an acoustic cover of Lykke Li's pop hit "I Follow Rivers" reached number one in Belgium and abroad in the Netherlands.On July 7 2012 they performed before the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson heavyweight title fight which took place in Bern Switzerland.On December 8 2012 they won four Belgian Music Industry Awards or MIAs (hit of the year best group best alternative music and best live-act).The band supported the Rolling Stones on July 6 2013 during the Barclaycard Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park London.On November 4 2013 they started recording their fourth studio album in Los Angeles which was released on 18th April 2014. 3 The name of the album is By Absence Of The Sun.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Hard rock, blues rock, indie rock

Labels: Excelsior Recordings

Years Active: 1998 to present

From: Lier, Belgium

Artist photo and artist biography text both originated from Wikipedia and are governed by a Creative Commons license.