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Biography: Marco Niemerski known professionally as Tensnake (born 1975) is a German DJ and producer from Hamburg best known for his 2010 track "Coma Cat" which appeared on at least 15 compilations that year."Coma Cat" reached number 85 on the UK Singles Chart number 11 on the UK Indie Chart and number 17 on the UK Dance Chart.Tensnake emerged in the mid-2000s with a disco-influenced style and rose to critical acclaim by the end of the decade. He is most widely known for his popular 2010 song "Coma Cat".Born in Hamburg in 1975 Marco grew up listening to disco soul boogie funk and 80s pop. As he grew older he went through a brief Mod phase before finding and embracing more dancefloor-inspired influences from Larry Levan to Junior Boys Own Romanthony to Masters of Work. After starting the Mirau label with friends in 2005 Marco's first record was "Around The House". He made his commercial recording debut on the Mirau label with his Restless EP in 2006 which he followed up with I Say Mista in 2007. In addition he released EPs on the labels Players Paradise (Dust 2007) Radius Records (Fried Egg 2007) and Endless Flight (Keep Believin' 2008).... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: House, deep house, electronica

Years Active: 2006 to present

From: Hamburg, Germany

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