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Biography: Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson a UK-based recording artist. His compositions draw on a number of influences including drum and bass acid house jazz and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources live instrumental playing and digital signal processing. He is the brother of Ceephax Acid Crew (Andrew Jenkinson).Tom Jenkinson was born in January 1975 and grew up in Chelmsford Essex. The first school he attended was affiliated with Chelmsford Cathedral giving him exposure to organ music which he has subsequently acknowledged as an influence on his work. He took an interest in music very early in life and simultaneously became interested in music reproduction equipment.Much of his early experience of music was from scanning through various radio stations for anything that caught his ear irrespective of style or genre and he was also fascinated by radio static and amplitude modulation artefacts on the Short Wave band.At the age of 11 Tom bought a guitar which was a 3/4 size nylon-strung classical. He attended several guitar lessons with a local tutor but soon decided that it would be better to teach himself as he found that his tutor's answers to his questions about musical instruments and music in general were unsatisfactory.In 1986 Tom went to the King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford. One of his formative musical experiences came from seeing guitarist Guthrie Govan playing in the school's inter-house music competition. Tom went on to develop a friendship with Govan which continues to this day. Tom joined his first band at the age of 12 a Metallica influenced thrash metal group consisting of several other pupils from the school.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Acid techno, jazz, ambient

Labels: Warp, Rephlex, Worm Interface

Years Active: 1994 to present

From: Essex, England, United Kingdom

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