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Biography: Jonathan Vandenbroeck (Dborn 14 July 1981 in Borgerhout) better known by his stage name Milow is a Belgian singer-songwriter and one of the most successful DIY musicians in Europe. Milow released his debut album The Bigger Picture in 2006 on his own label Homerun Records. The fourth single from that album "You Don't Know" became one of the biggest hit singles of the year in Belgium in 2007 and The Bigger Picture stayed on the Belgian album chart for 110 weeks. However it was not until his second self-released album Coming of Age in 2008 (in 2009 renamed and repackaged as Milow) that Milow achieved major commercial success all over mainland Europe. The album peaked at number three on the German Album Top 50 chart at number four in the Swiss Album Top 100 and peaked in the top twenty of many European charts.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Acoustic, Pop

Labels: Homerun Records

Years Active: 2004 to present

From: Belgium

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