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Biography: Kurt Vile (born 1980) is an American musician and singer-songwriter signed to Matador Records as a solo artist in May 2009. Vile is a founding member of The War on Drugs. His music has been likened to that of Bruce Springsteen. His influences include Fleetwood Mac John Fahey Bob Dylan and FM Rock generally. His first album for Matador Records is titled Childish Prodigy. In an interview with Women's Wear Daily Sonic Youth bassist and singer Kim Gordon was asked "Your guilty pleasure right now?" Gordon replied "Listening to Kurt Vile's latest CD Childish Prodigy. Guilty because I listen to it too much..." Vile released two previous solo albums God Is Saying This To You and Constant Hitmaker on Mexican Summer and Woodsist respectively. He plays solo shows as well as shows with a backing band called The Violators which at times includes former The War on Drugs bandmate Adam Granduciel. Vile's "He's Alright" is featured during the credits of Eastbound & Down in the second season...... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Rock, heartland rock, roots rock

Labels: Matador, Gulcher, Mexican Summer

Years Active: 2008 to present

From: Lansdowne, PA, USA

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