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Biography: Gabriel R�os (born in San Juan Puerto Rico 1978) is a Puerto Rican / Belgian singer songwriter currently residing in Belgium and New York. Relocating to the city of Ghent in Belgium at the age of 17 to study painting R�os quickly formed various bands breaking into the local music scene. His first record Ghostboy (2005) was produced by Jo Bogaert (of Technotronic) and featured a mix of Latin hip hop rock and electronica. The main single "Broad Daylight" was well received in Belgium Netherlands and France. Angelhead (2007) also produced by Bogaert delved further into pop electronica and helped him secure a live following as well as a steady summer festival presence. A change of course saw R�os abandoning electronic instruments and beats and recording his third album The Dangerous Return (2010) with jazz pianist Jef Neve and frequent collaborator Kobe Proesmans on percussion.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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