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Biography: David Roland Cook (born December 20| 1982) is an American rock singer-songwriter| who rose to fame after winning the seventh season of American Idol. Prior to Idol he released an independent album entitled Analog Heart. This was followed by his post-Idol major-label debut David Cook which was released on November 18| 2008 and has since been certified platinum by the RIAA. His second major album This Loud Morning was released on June 28| 2011. His third post American Idol and fourth overall studio album Digital Vein was released on September 18| 2015.Cook was born in Houston| Texas| raised in Blue Springs| Missouri. His parents are Beth Foraker (n�e Frye) and Stanley Cook. He is the middle of three brothers - the late Adam Cook being older and Andrew younger. He is of German| Irish| and... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Alternative rock, post-grunge

Labels: XIX Recordings

Years Active: 1999 to present

From: Blue Springs, MO, USA

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