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Biography: Corey Soljan better known by his artistic name Code Black (born 30 July 1988 in Sydney Australia) is an Australian hardstyle-DJ and producer.As a member of the act Bioweapon he travelled all around the world. Finding success in the Netherlands he began a solo career stopping his duo act. His initial claim to fame was with "Red Planet" in 2011 and "Can't Hold Me Back" in 2012. He played at various events including Mysteryland Tomorrowland HardBass Decibel Euphoria and during the Defqon.1 music festival held in The Netherlands and Australia. He produces and plays the more euphoric but also the more raw styles. He releases his materials mainly on Fusion Records and on WE R labels.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Hardstyle, RawStyle

Labels: WE R Music

Years Active: 2011 to present

From: Australia

Artist photo and artist biography text both originated from Wikipedia and are governed by a Creative Commons license.