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Biography: Apparat (Sascha Ring) is a German electronic musician living in Berlin and one of the owners of Shitkatapult records. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and more recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats". In 2004, he appeared at a John Peel session. The tracks from this session were rerecorded and reworked in the studio and released as Silizium EP in 2005, as a tribute. He collaborated with Ellen Allien in 2003 on the album Berlinette, and again in 2006 on the album Orchestra of Bubbles. In 2007, he formed his own band to play the album Walls live. Raz Ohara joined him playing the stage piano and Jörg Waehner on drums. Next to playing these live shows, he continued to play his solo live sets, touring with Transforma Visuals. In May 2009, he released the self-titled album with Modeselektor under the name Moderat on BPitch Control. They have collaborated previously on an EP named Auf Kosten Der Gesundheit which...... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Electronic, Dance, glitch

Labels: Shitkatapult, BPitch Control, P-Vine Records

Born: 27/06/1978

Years Active: 1996 to present

From: Germany

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