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Biography: Absynthe Minded is a Belgian rock band around frontman vocalist and guitarist Bert Ostyn. Their tracks contain a mix of thirties jazz with a touch of funky soul Balkan beats and Merseyside pop.Absynthe Minded originally was a one-man band being musician-singer-composer Bert Ostyn. He started off in 1999 with recording More Than This on 8-track in a 5 to 4 bedroom in Ghent (Belgium) with songs in a moderate rock genre.The opportunity to record some material in a studio brought forth Mushroom Holiday (2000). On that demo other musicians collaborated with Ostyn for the first time which led later on to the forming of a band called Tao Tse Tse. Ostyn’s third demo Krankenhaus Hotel was recorded in a noisy apartment bedroom again on a Tascam four track.The first band-demo was called Sweet Oblivion (2002)... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Rock, Pop, Jazz

Labels: Keremos, Universal Records

Years Active: 1999 to present

From: Ghent, Belgium

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