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Biography: 12 Stones is an American Christian[2][3] post-grunge band that was formed in 2000 in Mandeville| Louisiana. The band currently consists of Paul McCoy| Eric Weaver| David Troia and Sean Dunaway. The four band members met in Mandeville| Louisiana| a small suburb north of New Orleans| and within 15 months were signed to a record deal with Wind-up Records. Lead vocalist Paul McCoy was featured in the Evanescence single "Bring Me to Life"| released in 2003| which later went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2004.... (read more on Wikipedia)

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Genre: Post-grunge, alternative rock, hard rock

Labels: Warm Up Recordings, Pole Recordings, Tresor

Years Active: 2000 to present

From: Louisiana, USA

Artist photo and artist biography text both originated from Wikipedia and are governed by a Creative Commons license.

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